Which Right-Wing Ideologues are financing the attack on PA schools?

Via Keystone Progress:

Two reports in the last few days have showed an incredible collusion among billionaires and right wing ideologues to buy Pennsylvania legislators with the intent of destroying our public school system.

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Follow the money! Click through the links to see how many dollars are flowing into PA to push for vouchers for religious and private schools.

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The bill has been promoted by Students First PAC, founded in March 2010, which contributed millions to campaigns and is spearheading the promotion of the bill. Students First PAC is an affiliate of one of the many pro-voucher entities founded by Betsy DeVos, whose Michigan family has been one of the top contributors to the Republican party.

This is a Koch-style sneak attack on America’s public schools. In state after state, DeVos and her organizations have spent millions of dollars to create the impression that there is a sudden surge of grass roots and bipartisan support for voucher schemes, and to market these schemes as the only hope for urban students.

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