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  1. Gil N.
    Gil N. October 25, 2013 at 9:49 am |

    Hello Janice,
    So in your response to “R”, you indicated your reasons for supporting a separation of Church and State, and I will admit that your reasons are very fact based and not simply a slanted opinion, as is so often the case with separation discussions. But, as the article on Fox News states, “Saccone said the motto would fit well with the state’s local history curriculum and appears to be widely supported by his constituents. “It’s 500-to-1 back home, people are for it,” he said Thursday, adding that he believed it also would pass the Legislature overwhelmingly.
    I do not live in Pennsylvania so I cant fully say his statements are fact, but the fact that the bill passed committee and is being moved for a full vote soon is evidence enough for me that the people support its passing. Furthermore, the legislators have no monetary gain by voting for this legislation, as opposed to legislators who would receive campaign contributions, or other compensation, for voting up a certain bill.
    My point is, you live in southern New Jersey, why do you care what occurs in other parts of the country? I, personally, take comfort in knowing that some state and federal representatives pray about legislature prior to voting it up or down.
    Instead of pushing for government neutrality on religion, how about getting the government to work for the people? How about pushing for changes to our social entitlement programs? Or our foreign aid policy? It seems to be that your efforts do not bear fruit because you are pushing for the down vote of a bill that would allow schools to hang a sign announcing, “In God We Trust”. I look forward to hearing your comments.

    -Gil N.

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