President’s Message

New Acting President’s Message by Janice Rael

February 12, 2015

In October 2003, along with several friends and members of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (AU), the Delaware Valley Chapter of Americans United (DVAU) Chapter was created. I was the DVAU Chapter’s first President, from 2003 through 2007. During that time, we helped defeat “Intelligent Design” legislation in Pennsylvania, held numerous panel discussions in Pennsylvania and South Jersey on various church-state separation topics. I gave many talks about religious freedom issues, participated in a public debate about faith-based funding, and set up and operated DVAU’s website and social media accounts.

In 2008, the DVAU Chapter was fortunate to benefit from the talents of a new President, Ed Joyce, and his spouse, our Speaker Chairperson, Ellen Greenfield-Joyce, both of whom served the DVAU Chapter for nearly seven years. Ed was an excellent President, creating exciting new programs for DVAU such as our major event, the Church-State Issues Symposium. Ellen helped bring in many exciting and interesting speakers. Together, they helped create a church-state scholarship fund, allowing the DVAU Chapter to gauge the knowledge of local students on the subject of religious liberty. The chapter had many fine accomplishments under their management.

We recently learned that Ed and Ellen will be moving out of the Delaware Valley area, and are leaving their positions as DVAU leaders. We bid them a fond farewell, with much thanks and gratitude for their leadership and dedication to both the principle of church-state separation, and to educating the public about the issues. Ed traveled far and wide to deliver many talks on the Evolution/Creationism Controversy, the Faith of our Founding Fathers, and more. We will miss him tremendously, and we wish all the very best for them as they move on to a new location.

As of now, I will return to my former position as President of the DVAU Chapter, for an interim period, until we find a fresh new face to represent Americans United and DVAU in the years to come. This chapter has much potential, and all the framework is in place for new directorship in fulfillment of AU’s mission. Please contact me at and contact AU’s Field Director, Beth Corbin, at for more details.

Separation of church and state has never been more important. We need you to join with us as we stand strong against the Religious Right. We need you to help us reclaim true religious freedom. Please join Americans United and the Delaware Valley AU Chapter here:

Thank you very much for standing strong for Jefferson’s Wall of Separation.

-Janice Rael, DVAU Acting President

Please consider the importance of our work and become involved with the Delaware Valley Chapter by donating your time or contributing financially to our worthy cause.

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