In politics, whose side is God on? – Ana Veciana Suarez –

Ana Veciana-Suarez comments for the Miami Herald on the religiosity of today’s political candidates. Whose side is God on?

God is on my side. Or on yours. No, wait, maybe He switched to the third guy.

After listening to the way presidential hopefuls invoke the endorsement of The Almighty, He must be backing someone. He might even be working as a candidate’s campaign manager — or, at the very least, a deep-pocketed supporter.

Religiosity — I’m more religious than you are, nanny-nanny, boo-boo — has become such a campaign issue that when I tune into the news, I wonder if I’m listening to some aspiring dictator from a foreign theocracy instead of an American politician. Last time I checked, one of the fundamental tenets of American democracy is the separation of church and state. The Founding Fathers established a secular government as a way of ensuring religious freedom.

What we’ve seen lately, however, is a form of religious bigotry. A few weeks ago, Robert Jeffress, the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, declared that Mitt Romney isn’t a “real” Christian and called the Mormon religion a “cult.” Jeffress, of course, is entitled to his opinion, but since when is Christianity a prerequisite for political office?

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