DVAU/Bucks: Peter Goldberger, ACLU & Americans United, Two Perspectives, Sept 18th, 7pm

Peter Goldberger ACLU PAThe Bucks County Committee of Delaware Valley Chapter of Americans United for Separation of Church and State (DVAU) will meet at the Jenkintown Library every other month. Please join us for informational speakers and news about church-state issues in our area.

DVAU’s Wednesday September 18th meeting, at 7pm in the Jenkintown Library, will be hosted by our own Dean Miller, and will feature Peter Goldberger, Vice-President of the Philadelphia chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The title of his talk is “The ACLU and Americans United – Two Perspectives on the Protection of First Amendment Religious Freedom.” 

Peter will discuss the first major legislative prayer case to come before the Supreme Court in thirty years: “Town of Greece, NY v. Galloway”which will be heard this Fall.  Americans United brought the suit on behalf of two residents who objected to town board’s practice of inviting Christian clergy to open its meetings with sectarian prayers.  This important case addresses the legality of opening local government meetings with sectarian prayers. Information on the case can be found here: https://www.au.org/church-state/julyaugust-2013-church-state/featured/greece-is-the-word

Peter Goldberger Bio:  Member of the Board of the ACLU of PA, and a vice-president of the Philadelphia Chapter.  Peter is a lawyer, maintaining a private practice based in Ardmore, PA specializing in federal criminal appeals.  Before that, Peter was a law professor for six years, including five years at Villanova.  His interest in religious freedom issues comes from having been active during the Vietnam War era and after in the defense of conscientious objectors, and he has represented many individuals charged with breaking the law for reasons of religious conscience.  Peter was also one of the ACLU Lawyers who (unsuccessfully) challenged the maintenance of a Ten Commandments plaque on the wall of the Chester County Courthouse.  Peter graduated from Haverford College in 1971 and from Yale Law School in 1975.

  • Wednesday, September 18, 2013

    7:00 PM

  • Jenkintown Library

    460 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA

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