DVAU October 2011: new site features, debate video, chapter meetings

Dear DVAU members, friends, and new email subscribers,

It’s early October 2011, and DVAU is doing better than ever. Dozens of people attended our most recent public debates on school vouchers, on September 24 in Philadelphia PA, and October 1 in Trenton NJ. Both debates were very heated, and the Q&A sessions lasted well after the debates ended. We were unable to record the Trenton debate, but you can read a report about it in the Blue Jersey blog story, “The End Justifies the Means.” The NJ debate continues in the comments section. And you can watch the video of the first hour of the Philadelphia debate on our site: Video: DVAU School Voucher Debate – Philadelphia – Sept 24 2011 or on our new YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/DVAUvideo

In addition to our new YouTube channel, our site, dvau.org, has a shiny new design, and we’re posting more stories and items daily. One new feature on our site is the President’s Post, the new blog of DVAU President Ed Joyce. Ed’s going to give his personal thoughts about church-state issues, threats to Jefferson’s Wall of Separation, and more. Our site has comments enabled, we welcome you to join the dialogue. If you’d like a little more church-state news and action alerts, Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter.

DVAU Vice-President Janice Rael recently spoke to the Alice Paul NOW Chapter in NJ, who is proudly celebrating their 40th anniversary. DVAU President Ed Joyce will deliver a talk about the ethics of church-state separation in Philadelphia at 11am on Sunday October 9 at the Ethical Society Platform, and at the regular meeting of DVAU’s Bucks County Committee on Tuesday October 11 at 7pm in Doylestown.

Check out DVAU’s table at Outfest (Philly Pride Presents) celebrating National Coming Out Day in “the Gayborhood” in Philadelphia PA, Sunday October 9, 12pm-6pm. Our next chapter meeting in Philadelphia is at 7pm on Thursday November 17, where Chapter Treasurer Dean Miller will discuss “The Faith-Based War on The Public Sector.” Don’t miss it!

As election season opens, AU is on the lookout for churches who are trying to mix politics with religion. You may have read about this on AU’s blog, Pulpit Perfidy: More Misinformation In The Wake Of ‘Pulpit Freedom Sunday’. We need you to be our eyes and ears in the community. Check out your local houses of worship for signs of electioneering. If you see or read anything that looks too political, such as a list of endorsed candidates, please let us know, or visit AU’s site to Report A Violation.

We’re hoping to start a DVAU Committee in Northern Delaware soon, we’ll keep you posted! We’ll also try having more meetings in South Jersey. Let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget, we have an assortment of “share” buttons on each post on our site, and we encoourage your comments on stories we post there. Finally, we welcome your help; to volunteer for DVAU, email info@dvau.org. Thanks for your support!

Don’t let the Religious Right play Trick or Treat with your religious liberty, please be alert for threats to our First Amendment, such as school voucher legislation, attacks on womens’ choice, anti-equality bills that discriminate against LGBT people, and more. We are all defenders of Jefferson’s Wall of Separation, and DVAU couldn’t do it without you.

Delaware Valley Chapter,
Americans United for Separation of Church and State
email: info@dvau.org

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