DVAU late October 2011 update: President’s Posts, upcoming events, chapter news

DVAU late October 2011 update: President’s Posts, upcoming events, chapter news

Dear DVAU members, friends, and new email subscribers,

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Our last email is online here: DVAU October 2011: new site features, debate video, chapter meetings.

It’s time to trick or treat, and here’s your treat! Welcome to the DVAU chapter update newsletter, which we send out once or twice a month. Over 60 people signed up to receive DVAU emails when we tabled at Philadelphia’s Outfest, the largest National Coming Out Day celebration in the nation, on Sunday October 9, 2011. DVAU Vice-President made a very short video clip showing our table and the crowd, you can find it on our new YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/DVAUvideo.

DVAU President Ed Joyce has been blogging weekly in his new column on our site, the President’s Post. Here are the columns you may have missed; we encourage you to leave us your feedback in the comments section.

President’s Post: Welcome to DVAU

President’s Post: School Vouchers in Pennsylvania? Why not?

President’s Post: What is Science – And What Isn’t?

President’s Post: Myth #1: The words “church/state separation do not appear in our Constitution”

Our next chapter meeting takes place at 7pm on Thursday November 17 in the beautiful Skyline Room, 4th floor, Parkway Central Library, Philadelphia PA. Please welcome DVAU’s new Treasurer and Secretary Dean Miller, who will discuss his book, “Public Enemy #1: The Faith-Based War on the Public Sector.” In Dean’s 2nd welcome talk to the chapter, he will talk about Religious Right attacks on the public sector and attempts to replace the government with private and religious institutions. Dean first gave this talk to a receptive crowd at the DVAU/Bucks County meeting on June 14, 2011. This November 17 meeting is rescheduled from our September 8th meeting, which was canceled due to rain and flooding in Philadelphia.

Other upcoming events:

Allentown PA: AU’s Rob Boston: Church-State Separation: Where We Stand Now. Nov 6 2011. The Lehigh Valley Humanists are hosting Rob Boston, Assistant Director, Americans United for Separation of Church and State, at their next meeting in Allentown PA on November 6th.

DVAU Vice-President Janice Rael to speak at Martins Run Senior Residential Community, December 5, 7pm, tickets $10

DVAU/Bucks County welcomes John Seager, President, Population Connection, at the regular bimonthly meeting at the Doylestown Library on Tuesday December 13 at 7pm. We will bring John back to speak in Philadelphia in early 2012.

Special Event in December: Winter Concert Gala – DVAU Year-End Fundraiser at the Ethical Society Building in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia PA. Featuring pianist Laurent Levy, followed by a wine and cheese reception. Date and details to be announced.

Chapter News:

DVAU is close to starting chapter meetings in Northern Delaware and South Jersey. These meetings will likely be issue-oriented social meetings, rather than speaker meetings. We will let you know when the new meetings are scheduled. We also plan to hold more social “church-state chit-chat” meetings in Philadelphia, where we can discuss issues and action in an informal setting.

DVAU Issues:

School vouchers are on the table in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. While PA will try to pass a revised version of voucher bill SB-1, NJ legislators plan to shove a voucher pilot bill through in the lame-duck session. We need your eyes and ears to track this legislation. Email info@dvau.org with links to news stories, legislative hearing schedules, or anything else related to vouchers. Americans have the right to support only the religious groups of their choosing. Vouchers and other forms of government aid to religious schools usurp this privilege by forcing all taxpayers to subsidize indoctrination. Religious organizations are free to sponsor schools, but they should be responsible for their upkeep.

Church Politicking is a major issue for church-state separation advocates to pay attention to during the election season. As tax-exempt entities, houses of worship may not intervene in partisan politics by endorsing or opposing candidates. Pulpit-based electioneering not only violates federal law, many believe it corrupts the true mission of our faith communities. Email info@dvau.org if you know of any churches endorsing candidates or political parties.

We’d love to share more, but we know you’re too busy for long emails. Here are some posts on our site that you may have missed.

NJ Spotlight | School Vouchers: Out of the Spotlight, Not Out of Mind

Action alert: Taxation For Religion?: Pa. Governor Proposes School Voucher Scheme « The Wall of Separation ~ SAY NO!

Cal Thomas: Perry’s pastor diminishes his message – baltimoresun.com

DVAU in the News: Private schools keep eye on voucher debate – The York Daily Record

Video: DVAU School Voucher Debate – Philadelphia – Sept 24 2011 – YouTube

New Jersey should not follow Indiana’s lead on school vouchers | NJ.com

Please visit our site at dvau.org every day for new stories. Much more is posted on our Facebook and Twitter, please Like and Follow us! Email us at any time with any questions at info@dvau.org. Finally, we need your financial support, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the DVAU chapter via Paypal, Amazon, or postal mail, see our site for details on how to donate.

Thank you for your support and for helping the Delaware Valley Americans United Chapter protect religious liberty and church-state separation. DVAU is a grassroots nonprofit and your participation ensures our success. Thank you for keeping church and state separate.

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