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  1. Church-State Separation Group To Host Conference In Philadelphia On ‘Reclaiming Religious Freedom’ – Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia) Will Serve As Keynote Speaker At May Gathering

    […] “Reclaiming Religious Freedom From the Radical Right” will be held at the Downtown Philadelphia Marriott on May 2 from noon to 6pm. DVAU will present five speakers including Pennsylvania State Representative Brian Sims (D-Philadelphia), an outspoken advocate for church-state separation. […]

  2. Tom Muldoon
    Tom Muldoon April 23, 2015 at 7:50 pm |

    State Rep. Sims, when he put his hand on the Bible to uphold the Constitution, might have known that John Adams said that the U. S. Constitution “is written for a moral and religious people … and hardly fit for any other.” George Washington during the harsh winter at Valley Forge issued a proclamation to his starving soldiers telling them not to curse or use profanity, for George Washington feared the Living God. Since the Bible is the Word of God, and the Constitution is the word of man, the Bible is superior to the Constitution.

    In no place does the phrase “separation of Church and State” appear in the U. S. Constitution, much less is there separation of religion from the State. Thomas Jefferson, who did not believe the testimony of Holy Scripture, wanted the worship of God in the U. S. Capitol. The Constitution allows for chaplains, and it used to encourage the reading of the Bible in the public schools. In the 1890’s the Supreme Court called the United States “a Christian nation.”

    Like Alan Keyes, I see the Bill of Rights as a logical extension of the phrase in the Declaration of Independence, “endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights.” The forces of evolution do not give people rights. Neither does Allah. The Judeo-Christian heritage, especially as reflected in the Protestant Reformation, is what made the United States great. Ronald Reagan is reported to have said, “If we stop being a nation under God, we shall be a nation under.”

    Governments inevitably defend the religion in which they believe. If we do not believe the Living God Who reveals Himself in the Bible, then we defend our idols. God’s judgment on idolatry is severe. Think of the Spanish Armada which attempted to invade Protestant England in the 16th century.

    “Gay marriage” is a delusion, like buying tickets for the 2015 World Series to watch the Phillies in it.

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