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Mission of Peace?

Mission of Peace?

It’s Donald Trump’s first overseas trip and he goes right to the capital cities of the world’s three main religions – Saudi Arabia (Muslims), Israel (Jews), Vatican City (Catholic Christians). He said he wants peace among the world’s religions. Trump’s national security adviser explained that he is “seeking is to unite peoples of all faiths […]

Voucher Sunday

At a time when the state of Pennsylvania and city of Philadelphia are drastically cutting public school funding, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia wants a government bailout (“vouchers”) for his financially strapped private Catholic schools. The Archbishop proclaimed today as “Voucher Sunday” in an effort to rile up parishioners to lobby legislators for school vouchers. […]

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum says John F. Kennedy was Wrong on Church and State Separation

According to the former Pennsylvania senator, Rick Santorum, when Kennedy defended the separation of church and state, “He laid the foundation for attacks on religious freedom and freedom of speech by the secular left and its political arms like the ACLU and the People for the American Way.” http://www.truth-out.org/rick-santorum-challenges-john-f-kennedys-secular-promise/1325786354      

Philly Tea Party Group Admits It Wants to “Shut Down Public Schools”

School vouchers in the news! As ThinkProgress has documented, a tightly-knit group of right-wing Political Action Committees (PACs) and corporate foundations have unleashed an assault on public education, pushing school voucher schemes nationwide that would funnel taxpayer dollars away from public schools and toward private schools instead. In doing so, many of these voucher advocates […]