A Labor Day Note on School Vouchers, Psychopaths, Chile, and the United States

Scathing critique of school vouchers:

To see Friedman’s horrible voucher consequences in the U.S. merely witness Jeb Bush’s nightmare where millions in taxpayer money have been handed over to kidnappers, burglars, and corporate criminals running private voucher schools for special needs kids, where autistic students, Down Syndrome children, and others are hoarded in classes above liqueor stores, deprived, and even beaten in environments free from state intervention, in what New Times’ Gus Garcia-Roberts referred to in a must-read article as “a perverse science experiment, using disabled school kids as lab rats and funded by nine figures in taxpayer cash.”

None of this passes for polite conversation in America, but it must be said. Greed and cronyism are the norm in the corporate school reform movement, and even when they aren’t used for human brutality, vouchers are designed to send money to financially-desperate Catholic schools which “cream” students to indoctrinate, to offset the cost of private school for the upper-middle class, and to monetarily drain public schools and place them in a failing position so that for-profit education management companies can take them over and hire Teach for America “scab” workers with money from big banks, private-equity firms, and hedge fund managers, who double their money in merely a few years by applying the New Market Tax Credit.

Like every single issue the corporate school reformers bring up, vouchers are a hoax.

via A Labor Day Note on School Vouchers, Psychopaths, Chile, and the United States.

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