A broken wall between church and state: Editorial | NJ.com

Excellent op-ed in the Star-Ledger (NJ) in favor of church-state separation! Make sure to read it all at the link below the quote. It’s great to see the media giving the public good information about church-state issues.

Donations to religious groups are tax-deductible. Priests, ministers and rabbis all get “parsonage exemptions” that let them deduct mortgage payments or rent on their income taxes. Religious groups don’t pay property taxes. When they sell something at a profit, they pay no capital gains. And if they spend less than they take in, they pay no corporate income taxes.

This amounts to a giant subsidy for the practice of religion that inevitably clashes with the idea of a separation of church and state. James Madison saw this coming and said it was a bad idea to treat religions differently.

via A broken wall between church and state: Editorial | NJ.com.

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